Participate in the June 10, 2009 Chat!!

The team at GlobalGiving wants to help you reach out to as many supporters as you can! We realize you or the people you contact might have some questions, so we have provided this real-time, interactive chat to provide some answers, and tips on succeeding in the GlobalGiving American Open Challenge. To view your place in the competition, click here

The chat is now over. Many thanks to all for your participation and good luck in the challenge!

If donors visiting did not mark the box next to anonymous when making their online gifts to our project (Born to Read) where can their names be found on the project (Born to Read) page?
If they create a profile, their name and an icon will appear below the photos on your profile page.

1)  If a donor donates, will their email address be added to Global Giving’s database and will they be contacted in the future by Global Giving?
2)  How is the organization notified when someone gives- what info is provided to the organization?
3)  Can changes to our project be made now- we want to make some edits, is this still possible?
Thanks for your question!

1) Yes, their email is added to GG's database and they receive future communications, including the newsletter (unless they opt-out). In addition, they are connected to your project so that everytime you send out a project update, each donor receives that communication from you immediately.

2) The info provided to you in your monthly disbursments, you will receive an attachement spreadsheet with individual donor information. 3) Yes, you canmake as many changes as you want, just hit "recall to edit" and be sure to tell Cecilia at so that the day that you recall and edit can be the same day we approve -- thus ensuring you are not offline at any time. 

Can I see who is giving to our cause?
If you email us at, we can periodically give you a report on who's donating -- but we can't do it every day!We will try to be responsive to you during the challenge, however.

How will we know who the donors are so that we can thank them? Can payment be by check? If we collect funds from individuals, how can that be donated?

Thanks for your question! After the challenge, you will receive a disbursement email with an attachment containing donor names and emails (unless they have opted to be anonymous.) Check payment is accepted but you are encouraged to send them in quickly since the processing time takes longer than online payment. We do NOT encourage you to collect funds from individuals unless you have each email address so we can enter them as separate donors, otherwise they will not count.